Divine Miracles is a non-fiction book about surrender and acceptance, overcoming major crippling diseases and gaining spiritual awakening and transformation through God's divine intervention, love, healing, strength, and guidance. Divine Miracles will provide you with first time ever religious proofs. 

Divine Miracles will also provide you with who is the Real Scientist of our Universe, and it's not Man! It's an immortal loving and powerful Spirit, Many of us know as GOD!

Divine Miracles will provide you with truth, answers, and knowledge about a “Special Tree" called the “Tree of Life." This Tree’s composition, scientific values, and healing products are unlike any other traditional tree, plant, or other species and elements we have ever seen here on earth.

 The below paragraph's is to enlighten and broaden the minds of many of my colleagues in the Science community!

The Tree of Life's matter and photons is not about Quantum Physics Massless dimensionless particles. The Tree of Life's is about GOD'S Massive micrometer confined two and three dimensional molecules. God's Massive Molecules will always surpass the hypothetical Higgs Boson. The Higgs boson has often been called the “God particle" from the 1993 book The God Particle by Leon Lederman,[10] although the nickname is strongly disliked by many physicists, including Higgs himself, who regard it as sensationalism.

God's Massive Molecules are the first ever coherent and prismatic visible light with an elliptical structural formula of sub unit neutrinos. The most powerful astronomical Gluon charge carrier force ever seen, it will blow Rutherford, Geiger, and Meisner away if they were still alive to see it. However, I know Sir Isaac Newton would be the most proud and amazed if he were alive to witness that his theory of general relativity is 99% accurate to the proofs. Sir Isaac Newton is my mentor in physics, and he also loved God. Everyone should read his book called Optics.

I will not call God's Massive Molecules Strange Lambda Quarks of Particles. Why? Because God isn't a theory or a strange quark of massless particles.  God is the most massive and eternal electromagnetic and magnetic force ever known. When anyone of us truly surrenders and develops a strong relationship with God the blessings of his love are immeasurable.

God is eternal love, light, healing and the most Powerful Massive Immortal Spirit to those of us who know and love him.  God is not a meson particle that decays to a electron, or a Muon antiparticle that decays to  a proton or negative charge lepton.  In fact, God's massive molecules never decay in any time frame.  God always provides Light and love to his children here on earth, even to the ones who escape God's electromagnetic and magnetic attraction at the nucleus, or the children who think God is a strange quark comprising electronegative or electropositive charges. While in fact, God has a force carrier charge of Neutrons. Meaning, God is comprised of neutral matter with a mind of real intelligence, unlike our minds of artificial intelligence, and God's memory has a sequential order with unlimited storage space, unlike humans or animal minds that are random because of distractions and long and short-term memory spans.  Lastly, with God being totally germ-free and Neutral  comprising only love, light, and healing God doesn't have any electronegative or electropositive charges of ion pump voltage circuits  in God's makeup or composition. In other words, God doesn't punish, hate, or cause bad things to happen to any of us.  God strengthens us and guide us when we ask for his love, strength and guidance.  And when we truly surrender to God, through God's love we discover our true gifts and purpose here on earth, and it is our mission to complete this journey here on earth.

Humans and animals are comprised of germs, in which causes negative and positive thoughts, emotions, and other cellular forces and chemical charges in our metaphysical being.  I am here to inform you, it is so much easier here on earth when you truly surrender to God developing an amazing relationship.  Because each and every human here on earth is comprised of strengths and weaknesses, and we all need a beautiful loving guiding force to give us our daily charge!

Each part,  raw product, or distilled byproducts from the matter of the Tree of Life have been scientifically evaluated and are scientific facts or proofs to every human scientific theory, but also proofs of God's beautiful massive molecular compositions.

God is our Savior, Creator, Healer, Doctor, Prince of Peace, Provider, Protector, Defender, Adversary and the only Immortal spiritual entity who can grant us Peace here on Earth.  A Level of Peace unlike we have ever known, and once we gain this Peace, we choose never to live our lives in turmoil from either repetitive bad mistakes or bad choices.  We truly value Peace and have the highest level of gratitude for God's blessings!

Many blessings to all of you!

Eydie A. Schultz

Eydie A. Schultz is an author of three books in the fields of spirituality, nature, science and divine power, as well as philosophical answers through metaphysical transformation and divine blessings, miracles, powerful messages and proofs.

 For this first Edition-  Print book “Divine Miracles" is the first book ever to provide you with captured religious proofs of the Nativity Story, baby Jesus and the lamb the Holy Spirit engraved on the authors icy car windshield. These images show a darker contrast for better magnification, but these religious proofs are answers to many of your questions!
Divine Miracles tells of one amazing woman's ability to overcome horrific childhood trauma which led to substance abuse, and later physical trauma. Her journey leads her to a connection with God and a discovery which is truly remarkable. It is her story to tell, and well worth the read. Enjoy!
Judy Walker
This book is breathtaking of actual miracles from God to a woman. Beyond life adversities, martyrs, and disappointment, someone’s soul was not condemned by fear, hatred, or unforgivable offenses by others, but the soul met with God, and God was there and will be there in her life.
Dimy Fluyau
This is an inspiring book of God's love and guidance for his children. I'm privileged to know the author of Divine Miracles and her Love of God. This book is a shining example of how far God's Love and Grace go for those that seek him. I thank God for Eydie Schultz for sharing her experiences good and bad and the Awesomeness of God in her life.
Trina M Gibby